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Based on cutting edge research from Neuroscience & Psychology, SmartCrowd really is the bee's knees

Professor Charles Spence, University of Oxford & founder @SmartCrowd

With SmartCrowd, now anyone can test their own intuitions.

Professor Carlos Velasco, BI Norwegian Business School & founder @SmartCrowd

This is going to make an impact. What cost $1000s now costs $10s

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Intuitions are not always correct
What you think is the best may be suboptimal
Assumptions can prove costly!




Lets you test your intuitions via the crowd
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Which logo should my startup use?
Which photo for my dating Profile?
What photo for my AirBnB ad?
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Which photo should I use for my dating profile?
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Which photo should I use for my airbnb ad?
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...three inquiries after having had none for months, after changing picture based on results of SC research
Which photo of Alvin should I enter for a competition (cutest dog)?
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Which logo should I use for my startup?
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Which design should I use for my website? (b&w icons?)
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Professor Charles Spence

Head of the Crossmodal lab at Oxford University, CSO at SmartCrowd

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